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Liberate Your Awesome from lingering maladies. Reclaim your healthy body and find success in business through mindset. Have you experienced a life shifting change through illness, and have decided living in EASE is better than dis(ease)?

Hi there, I'm so glad that you found my page! You have landed here for a reason and now is the time to Liberate Your Awesome.


If you don't know me yet, I would like to share a little about me with you. I am known as a fighter when it comes to being your own advocate for your health.  I have been a health and wellness expert in the industry for over 10 years. I developed my passion for helping others with their nutrition journey because I saw how it could have a positive impact on all areas of their life creating an overall lifestyle change. After suffering personal health set backs and working through loving my body through recovery, I felt back on top of my game. In 2014, I was on the journey of dialing in my nutrition and taking things to the next level when I experienced the debilitating effects of Lyme disease, although I was not initially diagnosed correctly. A few weeks later, l was told by doctors that I had several other auto immune diseases, the treatment of which made the Lyme worse. I knew something was wrong and continued to fight for the answers. Six months and 7 doctors later we found my true diagnosis Then and there I became determined to not let disease define me or change my physical and internal health.


That is when I realized just how important my nutrition was, and let me tell you…my whole life immediately changed! Not only did I instantly release unwanted toxic body fat and inflammation, but my overall energy improved and I started to repair my body to find “me” again.

I also had to increase my mindfulness practice. My mind determines what happens in my body. I dove deep into meditations, mindfulness, and turning thoughts into truths. My mind was the only thing I could control since my body stopped performing. It is frustrating being a go getter stuck in a body that doesn’t “go” anymore.


It took me 2 years to pull myself out of my disease and into a life of being complete in mind and body! It is a combination of several things, yet possible with the right mindset.




Because I knew in my heart that if it worked for me, it could work for others! (including YOU!) Helping others and changing their lives became my purpose and mission in life! If I can provide hope to YOU, that is enough of a reason to have gone along my personal journey. I have been health coaching for over 10 years and 3 years ago I added life recovery coaching. I began offering online coaching as I fell in love with the idea that I could be a part of someone’s journey regardless of where they lived around the globe. Impacting lives all over the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Austrailia is pretty incredible. My training then developed into a 12 week 1 on 1 transformation system, offering my support, accountability, and customized coaching for each individual journey. There are millions of people on their knees praying for a solution every day. For me not to share what I have learned with others would be selfish. I believe that real joy in life comes from finding your true purpose and aligning it with what you do every single day. I am always seeking new individuals who are open minded and ready to break free and to change their life, and if that is you then I’m excited and honored to help you. I have simple systems in place that deliver proven success.


If you are on my page today and are struggling with any of these then it's no coincidence you found me. I found the answer I was looking for. Now allow me to share my findings with you. When you decide to join me, you will get immediate access to all of the tools that I have used to Liberate my Awesome. I am the coach and mentor that you have been seeking. I am here to serve you! It's my calling to help you experience your full potential in life.

Let's get you started now on Liberating YOUR Awesome.

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-You are ready to dive in, put in the work, and experience the energy shift. 

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 I began working with Annah when my physical, emotional and spiritual health seemed at an all-time low. She took time to listen carefully to my experiences. She responded by working with me to think through my particular situation and search for open doors. Furthermore, she taught me practices for re-centering myself during everyday moments when life seems overwhelming. After working with Annah for several months, I feel noticeable differences—both in my thinking process and in the directions I pursue to address the physical complications with my body. I honestly don’t know how I would be experiencing recovery without her support, guidance, and genuine care. Her companionship alone means the world to me, much less the honest, constructive feedback she offers in response to my circumstances.
— Laura R.

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