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Annah Kate


She has been a health and wellness entrepreneur, coach, and Cyco-Therapist for 10 years. 

Tweaks to our story can shift our attitude, improve our self-confidence, and redirect our futures. We may not be able to change the past, but we can change how we see it, the story we tell, and therefore how it affects us and who we become.

There are 6 core areas of focus if any one of these elements doesn’t get tended to, it can create chaos in various areas of your experience. It can also create unnecessary pressure.


Healthy Body & Healthy Business

What does it take to work your business while dealing with chronic illness?

Create influence and live in alignment!

Skip the bootstrap effort and make strides to impact your community changing lives one life at a time.

Let's Get Liberated!

Liberate Your Awesome

Have you ever wanted to know what to do each day, week, or month to change your mindset in these 6 areas?

💪🏼 Physical 

🤯 Emotional

✝️ Spiritual

💵 Financial

🥗 Nutritional 

🤝 Relational

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Be 10X more productive and 10X more effective by  living in states of joy and peace and flow as opposed to pressure, anxiety, frustration, drive and striving.

Liberate Your Awesome

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Let's Liberate Your Awesome

If you are stuck in your story and know you have potential to be AWESOME there are a few options we can explore to best suit your current needs!

E- Journaling Course

PER Course

31 days of Journaling Prompts to help you release the holds of chronic pain!

Weekly coaching videos to dive deeper and Liberate Your Awesome!

Health and Wellness

Positive Psychology Techniques

Self Care Techniques 

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Weekly 1 on 1 Training

6 Weeks

1 Weekly 60 Minute Call
We'll talk all about your goals and your progress, with each conversation ending with clear action steps to take before the next one! We dig deep and go through what’s blocking you and start Liberating Your Awesome!
Priority Email and Text Access
-Priority Email and Text access to me within normal business hours. During all your AHA or wall kicking moments I’m here for you through the whole process!


💪🏼 Physical 

🤯 Emotional

✝️ Spiritual

💵 Financial

🥗 Nutritional 

🤝 Relational

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Have you already been through 6 weeks of coaching or want intense coaching every so often?

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"For three years I experienced medical complications that presented many challenges in my life. After consulting with multiple doctors, I ended up with several misdiagnoses, and at times, belittling results. I began working with Annah when my physical, emotional and spiritual health seemed at an all-time low. She took time to listen carefully to my experiences. She responded by working with me to think through my particular situation and search for open doors. Furthermore, she taught me practices for re-centering myself during everyday moments when life seems overwhelming. After working with Annah for several months, I feel noticeable differences—both in my thinking process and in the directions I pursue to address the physical complications with my body. I honestly don’t know how I would be experiencing recovery without her support, guidance, and genuine care. Her companionship alone means the world to me, much less the honest, constructive feedback she offers in response to my circumstances."

Laura R.

"Annah Kate is one of the most authentic and driven people I know. She has a heart that’s on fire to help and I’m so grateful for all of the council I’ve received from her for my life and business. She’s the real deal!"

Virginia S.


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